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About Us

Since its inception in 2000, CompuKids has been effectively substantiating the ever rising needs of technical support in the social and business scenario. The institute is successfully paving its way through the field of computer training provider acting as a full proof educational facilitator thus consistently delivering the demand of school students.

CompuKids has always been in the quest of building a technical edifice for the students with its underlying values and core competencies in technical excellence, quality training and innovative concepts.


To be recognized and respected as one of the premium associations of school computer education with the quality of well groomed students, exemplifying technical excellence.


Our missions is to provide best in class education, meeting the requirements of school courses by instilling professional approach in our students and equip them with requisite knowledge thus enhancing their  productivity during exams and provide them with a staunch platform by making them aware of the new technologies. We strive to achieve this by leveraging the expertise of our teaching staff and their high level of commitment.

Aims and Objectives

1.    To build a comprehensive approach towards knowledge acquisition in our students.

2.    To instigate an application oriented approach by providing exposure to latest trends regarding computer technology.

3.    Equip our students with pertinent know-how of latest advancements in the field of computer science and build confidence to maintain their competitive edge.


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